A limited contingent of slots will be released for guest entrants on January, 2nd. Which classes are available? How does the entry process work? We'll tell you.

As a guest entrant you can do the entry for one or more races. Since the starting places are limited and every serial starter has guaranteed a starting place, it is recommended to complete the entry as soon as possible.

You can choose from the following classes:

  • E1 Pro * – You have a lot of racing experience and very good skills? In this class you have the chance to compete with other pros and win high cash prizes as a serial starter.
  • E1 Sport – This is the main class exclusively for serial starters. It is all about sporty driving pleasure.
  • E1 Senior – You are born in 1988 or before? Exclusively as a serial starter you can register for the class E1 Senior then.
  • E1 Super Senior * – All mountain bikers born in 1973 or before can start as Super Senior. Also guest entrants are welcome!
  • E1 Woman *– In this class the girls are among themselves. Serial starters compete for prize money as high as the pros.
  • E1 Beginner – Serial starters with little or no racing experience can register for this class. E1 Beginner is reserved for real beginners and is the ideal start to your enduro career.
  • E1 Junior * – The offspring can also participate in the regular race. For them we have introduced the E1 Junior, which is open for serial starters as well as guests born in 2000 or later.
  • E1 E-Bike* – For those who ride with an e-mountainbike (pedelec) we offer an own category. Guest entrants are welcome.
  • E1 Guest* – For all participants, who cannot or do not want to start in the other classes released for guests, there is still the "guest class" E1 Guest.

E1 Wild Childs are racing a modified competition. They race a short track with stages that are suitable for the age group. Participation is only allowed for young riders of the appropriate age groups who do not participate in the regular Enduro One race. A double start is not possible. The tracks for the Wild Childs are always designed in such a way that even the youngest can participate. NEW in 2018 is also here the registration in the series.

  • E1 Wild Childs U10 * – Young bikers born in 2009 and younger
  • E1 Wild Childs U13 *– Young bikers born between 2006 and 2008
  • E1 Wild Childs U16 *– Young bikers born between 2003 and 2005

* Open for guest entrants as long as there are sufficient starting places available

The online portal for nomination will open on 02.01.2018 at 02.01 PM. If the starting places available for guests have been allocated, it is possible to register on the waiting list. This is new in 2018! There will no longer be an automatic opening of the entry just before the event.

We are happy when you join us.

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