It´s on! The registration for the KENDA Enduro One Series 2019 is open. If you want to be a series starter, you should secure your place quickly.

The following advantages speak for it:

Entry right for all events
As a registered serial starter, your starting place for each individual race is guaranteed. The only requirement is the timely entry until the closing date, i.e. two weeks before the respective event. If there are still free starting places afterwards, there is the possibility of the late entry. With the late entry, series starters and guest starters have the same chances.

Considerable monetary savings
A reduced entry fee applies to all individual races for series starters. Adults can enter for only 35 Euro (instead of 60 Euro) and minors for 25 Euro (instead of 50 Euro) and thus save 25 Euro per event. After only two races, the registration fee of 50 Euro (adults) and 40 Euro (minors) is balanced again. If you start at all races, you will save 100 Euro (adult) or 110 Euro (minor) as a registered serial participant.
For the E1 Wild Childs the registration for the series costs 30 Euro. The entry fee for series starters is only 10 Euro per event. Guest starters pay 25 Euro per event.

Series ranking with high prize money
As a registered driver you have the chance to win great material prizes, exclusive trophies and high cash prizes in both the daily and series standings. Guest entrants are not considered in the awarding of points and cash prizes. What's special: not only the fastest will be rewarded, but all series starters will have the chance to win the Grand Prix.

Rejection result
The five best results of the six individual races go into the series ranking. If you miss an event or if you can't perform to your full potential, you still have all chances in the series ranking.

Simplified handling and entry for the events of the series
After the registration you have direct access to all your entries in our portal with your personal access data. Your details are stored there so that you can register quickly and easily for all individual races.

Full selection of the classification classes
The different rating classes guarantee an exciting and at the same time fair competition: E1 Pro, E1 Sport, E1 Pre Senior, E1 Senior, E1 Super Senior, E1 Woman, E1 Beginner, E1 Junior and E1 E-Bike. As a series starter you can choose your class according to your riding experience, gender and age. The selection for guest starters is limited and only valid as long as there are free starting places available. Bonuses and scoring points are of course only available for registered participants.

Serial shirt
When registering, you have the opportunity to order the official Enduro One serial shirt at the preferential price of 12.90 euros. The shirt will be delivered to your home at least two weeks before the first event. At the local events the shirt will be sold for 17,90 Euro - of course only while stocks last.


For the extra charge of 10 Euro you can upgrade your registration to a premium registration. So you have the following additional advantages:

Own profile for patricipant and team presentation
As a Premiumbiker you can upload two own pictures and a text. You can also give your sponsors a presentation platform here.

Presentation of a random premium rider directly on the homepage
On the homepage of the homepage always a randomly selected premium biker with picture is displayed and the premium profile is linked.

Linking to the profile in the starter and result lists
Your name as a premium biker is linked to your profile in the starter lists for all events and the list of series starters as well as in all result lists.


You can secure your registration for the series for the one-time fee of 50 Euro (adults) or 40 Euro (minors). The premium registration is available for an extra charge of 10 Euro. Irrespective of the registration, an additional entry is necessary for each event of the series. With your entry you secure your starting place for the corresponding individual event. The entry is possible from the beginning of 2019 for all events.

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