From now on, guests - as long as the starting positions last - and all series starters can enter for the individual races of the KENDA Enduro One season 2019. The entry for a race is independent of the registration for the series. And this is how it works.

Entry as series starter
Series starters confirm with their entry that they want to be part of the respective race. To enter you need the login data from your confirmation email (subject: "Enduro One 2019 - Bestätigung Einschreibung und Zugangsdaten"). Your personal data like name, class and team are already stored and the entry is done with a few clicks. As a serial starter you pay the reduced fee for the entry. Theoretically, your starting place is reserved until the closing date, two weeks before the race, but you will not be on the starting list until you have been successfully entered. At the first race the starting numbers will be assigned after the entry.

To the entry 2019 - series starter

Mention as guest starter
If you only want to take part in one race or if you didn't get any a place as series starter, you can enter as a guest starter. Since the quotas for each race are limited, you should be quick here. As soon as the available guest start places have been allocated, you will be able to sign up for the waiting list. After the official entry deadline we will then check if and how many guest starters we can still admit and inform you if necessary. There is a starting place guarantee only for series starters and guests who have entered in time.

To the entry 2019 - guest starter


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