In Winterberg a big stage is safe for us. KENDA Enduro One is integrated into the Dirtmasters, Europe's biggest freeride festival. Series starters have until 18th May 2019 to solve their starting place. For guests in most classes there is only the waiting list left.

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For the Dirtmasters Festival the "Ferienwelt Winterberg" is firmly in the hands of mountain bikers. Over 1,600 athletes from all over the world and 36,000 spectators are expected. This makes the Dirtmasters Europe's biggest freeride festival and we are part of it.

The Winterberg region impresses with optimal conditions. The "Bikepark Winterberg" is considered to be the most versatile in the whole of Germany and also the surrounding area is very well developed by the trail park. For KENDA Enduro One the responsible persons have worked out a varied circuit.

After the E1 race in Aschau was postponed to the end of June due to weather conditions, Winterberg is now the opening location for the 2019 season on 1st and 2nd June.

Further information about the event can be found in the menu item events > 1st/2nd June – Winterberg

Entry deadline E1 Winterberg: Saturday, 18th May 2019, 23.59 h

Until two weeks before the event the starting place guarantee is valid for all registered series starters. This starting place can be saved by the entry. Simply log in (you will find the login data in the confirmation email for the series registration), select the event and send the entry! As soon as we have registered your payment, the entry is confirmed and your name appears on the starter list.

To the entry 2019 - series starter

Only a limited contingent is available for guest starters. For the event in Winterberg the contingent in most classes is exhausted. Only guests of the E1 E-Bike and E1 Wild Childs can still enter directly. All others can register on the waiting list.

To the entry 2019 - guest starter (only E1 E-Bike and E1 Wild Childs)

To the waiting list

NOTE: For bank transfers, the activation usually takes a few days. When paying via PayPal, the activation should take place immediately. If not, please contact us at info[a]enduro-one.com! The starter list is the confirmation of participation.

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