For the second time KENDA Enduro One, the biggest MTB Enduro series in the German-speaking area, was a guest in Roßbach on 15th/ 16th June 2019. After the parade event last year the expectations of the RFC Roßbach/ Spessart were certainly high, but they were more than fulfilled. Seven top days provided again for large enthusiasm and much tension.

At the latest since the E1 Series celebrated its premiere last year, the small village of Roßbach has made a name for itself in the enduro scene. So the dedicated team of the RFC Roßbach knows how to get the maximum out of the Spessarttrails and that goes down well. The atmosphere in the Event Area at the Bikepark Rosengärtchen could hardly have been better.

Saturday was initially dedicated to young talent. A popular component of the KENDA Enduro One series is the E1 Wild Childs youth race. With a lot of applause the spectators welcomed the youngsters at the finish.

E1 Wild Childs U10: Nils Beckenbauer (BunGuard Racing Team)
E1 Wild Childs U13: Luca Hirt (RSC Schleiz 06 e.V.)
E1 Wild Childs U16: Vincent Opel (MTB team Schaumburg)

The RFC Roßbach then offered the "roßbacher kids-cup" to all young riders who wanted to do a few more laps. Meanwhile, the main classes were getting close to the stages during training.

Times were again on the special stage of the E1 e-bikers and on the final days, which was driven by everyone as a prologue. Fastest e-biker was once again Marc Oppermann (Team BULLS). The prologue was firmly in the hands of the BSB Bayreuth athletes. Corinna Zohner and Bastian Richter cheered together on the podium and secured the best starting positions for the Sunday race.

E-Bike-Stage: Marc Oppermann (Team BULLS)
Prologue ♀: Corinna Zohner (29er-Racing/ BSB Bayreuth)
Prologue ♂: Bastian Richter (29er-Racing/ BSB Bayreuth)

While it was still quite sunny on Saturday, light showers came up over night, which partly wet the track properly. Right from the start we had to concentrate, because right at the beginning of Stage 1 we had to get down to business. At the latest after Stage 2, the longest of all, the pulse was up. Altogether there were seven varied stages to complete, which together with the prologue resulted in the overall ranking. 29 kilometres and 1,050 metres of altitude difference were ultimately on the books.

Corinna Zohner faced competition from her own ranks from Raphaela Richter. The reigning German enduro champion was still professionally unable on Saturday, so she arrived on Sunday to catch up. If you miss the prologue, you get double the time of the best prologue rider in his class as the first time. A gap of 1:46.71 min, Corinna Zohner's prologue time, had to be made up - not an easy task, furthermore judges without Saturday training drove all stages on sight. Richter impressively proved her class and presented the fastest time of the E1 Woman on every single stage. She made up the clear deficit and finally won with 0:29.99 min lead.

This time it was almost a home game for Fabian Heim for the men of the E1 Pro, in which he did not let the victory be missed. The Bad Orber Bastian Richter lost more than half a minute.

E1 Guest: Benjamin Amend (CFC)
E1 Beginner: Jakob Müller (AHS Koblenz)
E1 Junior: Valentin Schleicher (-)
E1 Super Senior: Harald Krebs (Tobsens World)
E1 Senior: Steven Triesch (Die MANNschaft e.V / Trailhunter)
E1 Pre Senior: Paul Maag (BikeMeister Racing / Mtb Siegerland ev.)
E1 Sport: Til Mühlhahn (Mosja Racing)
E1 E-Bike: Marc Oppermann (Team BULLS)
E1 Woman: Raphaela Richter (29er-Racing/ BSB Bayreuth)
E1 Pro: Fabian Heim (Radon Bikes / RSG Olympic Park Munich)

KENDA Super Stage ♂: Raphaela Richter (29er-Racing/ BSB Bayreuth)
KENDA Super Stage ♀: Fabian Heim (Radon Bikes / RSG Olympic Park Munich)

All results, a large picture gallery with order possibility as well as the official video to the Event will follow.

Next stop: Aschau i.Ch.
For series promoter BABOONS and the E1 fans the next event is already in two weeks in the calendar. After the original date at the beginning of May had to be postponed due to weather conditions, it will now go to Aschau i.Ch. on 29th/ 30th June 2019.




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