Mario Mittermayer-Weinhandl and Georg Blenk called for KENDA Enduro One and the mountain bikers came in droves. An enduro course with alpine demands delighted the 500 participants and made them sweat at the same time.

Actually, Aschau would have been on the E1 tour plan at the beginning of May, but the violent onset of winter with fresh snow all the way to the valley prevented the race at the foot of the Kampenwand. The alternative date at the end of June offered the E1 fans a completely different picture. No cloud was to be seen in the sky and the temperatures climbed in the peak up to 35 degrees. So it was more than convenient that the Event Area was placed directly at the nature outdoor pool for the first time.

The temperatures for the E1 Wild Childs race on Saturday morning were almost pleasant. The youngest showed their skills to the spectators and proud parents on the final days not far from the event area.

E1 Wild Childs U10: Nils Beckenbauer (BunGuard Racing Team)
E1 Wild Childs U13: Lukas lamblet (DSG Seigelstein)
E1 Wild Childs U16: David Salbrechter (-)

After the training of the main classes we continued with the special days of the e-bikers. Once again it was Marc Oppermann who gave the competition no chance. The form for the Brose German E-Bike Championship is right.

For the main classes, the prologue was the first step in determining their form. With Corinna Zohner and Jasper Jauch, two familiar faces stood at the top of the podium.

E-Bike-Stage: Marc Oppermann (Team BULLS)
Prologue ♀: Corinna Zohner (29er-Racing/ BSB Bayreuth)
Prologue ♂: Jasper Jauch (Santa Cruz Bicycles)

In view of the heat, the race control decided to start one hour earlier on Sunday. After about 24 kilometres with a steep 1,000 m difference in altitude, the participants deserved the jump into the cool water of the outdoor pool. Seven stages, peppered with challenging rock passages and alpine steep sections, had to be completed.

Jasper Jauch still had a score to settle from the race in Winterberg, where a chain defect cost him victory. In Aschau he continued in the main race what he had started in the prologue. Six times he presented the fastest stage time and finally made his first victory in the E1 series perfect. In the women's singles, prologue winner Corinna Zohner did without a start on Sunday. The way was clear for the 17-year-old up-and-coming talent Helen Weber.

E1 Guest: Bernhard Kammel (-)
E1 Beginner: Markus Folz (Your Mom´s Favorite Team)
E1 Junior: Valentin Schleicher (-)
E1 Super Senior: Marcel Weil (Team FujiBike Rockets/ AMC Rodheim Bieber)
E1 Senior: Steven Triesch (Die MANNschaft e.V / Trailhunter)
E1 Pre Senior: Mario Pröll (The Soil Samplers / Herobikes)
E1 Sports: Dominike Euba (-)
E1 E-Bike: Marc Oppermann (Team BULLS)
E1 Woman: Helen Weber (Procraft Racing Team)
E1 Pro: Jasper Jauch (Santa Cruz Bicycles)

KENDA Super Stage ♂: Helen Weber (Procraft Racing Team)
KENDA Super Stage ♀: Jasper Jauch (Santa Cruz Bicycles)

All results, a large picture gallery with order possibility as well as the official video will follow soon.

Next stop: Kirchberg i.T.
In the KENDA Enduro One series the half time has already been reached. It continues after a short summer break in Kirchberg in Tyrol (31 August / 1 September). Entries are currently still possible in all classes.




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