radonRadon Bikes is as a main sponsor on board of the KENDA Enduro One series 2019. We talked to Ingo Bräutigam-Kraus, Marketing Radon Bikes, about the brand, the 2019 Line Up and the commitment to E1.

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The H & S Bike-Discount, which later became the Radon Bikes brand, was founded in Bonn in 1989. Can you tell us something about the early days?

"In 1989, the two sports enthusiasts Christopher Stahl and Ralf Heisig had a rather exclusive range of bikes and accessories in stock in a small shop in Bonn's Dottendorf district and quickly made the small shop known beyond the region. In addition to the local megastore in Bonn, which still exists today, the company invested in shipping and developed bike-discount.de into a well-known brand. In the course of the H&S history the own brand RADON was added, which was consistently built up. The two students of that time still lead the fate of bike-discount.de and RADON today."

Where is your main focus and what distinguishes Radon Bikes?

"Our focus is clearly on mountain biking. We try to counter the trend of the more and more expensive mountain bike sport with our products and to build bikes that are still affordable despite a good equipment."

What's new in your 2019 program?

"In this year we set our Radon Swoop 170 on 29" wheels. The roll-over characteristics and the increased running smoothness at high speeds enable faster and safer riding, even on hard tracks. The wheel is nevertheless agile, can be shooed around the corners and, in our opinion, has lost nothing of its play instinct.
New in our program is the Slide Trail, which is probably the Radon-MTB with the widest range of use. It also rolls on 29" wheels and offers 150mm travel at the front and 140mm at the rear. The geometry is modern with a relatively flat steering angle of 65.6 degrees in the flat flip-chip setting. Together with the downhill-orientated tyres, the range of application increases in the direction of the Enduro".

What is radon like about e-bikes?

"E-bikes are also an important topic for us and it's hard to imagine mountain biking without them. The number of users is constantly increasing and the increase in demand is unbroken. We currently offer e-bikes in the cross-country, all-mountain and enduro sectors. In the future, we will expand this area even more, without shortening the non-motorized area.
For urban mobility and the many problems associated with motorised individual transport, the e-bike can represent a real revolution. In our opinion, the change in traffic and also the climate targets will not be made possible primarily by the electrification of the car. Bicycle traffic has an important role to play here, but many cities and municipalities do not yet seem to be fully aware of this."

Radon will be present at all E1 events. What can participants and visitors look forward to?

"We will be present at every race with a part of our event team. Interested people can inform themselves about our new bikes and partly test them. On some dates, however, our test fleet is not on site, as we visit other events at the same time. As a small consolation there is a 5% discount on a new Radon Bike for every starter of the Enduro One. If someone should have a technical problem with his bike, we are ready with advice and action. So feel free to contact us if the trail was too brutal to you and your equipment."

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Thanks for the interview. We are looking forward to the season with you.




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