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The KENDA Enduro One Series 2019 is fully booked in most classes. Currently we can only accept registrations for the E1 E-Bike, E1 Woman, E1 Junior and E1 Wild Childs.

Together with all the starters we are looking forward to a great tour 2019.

If you are confirmed on the list of series starters ("green helmet"), then you are safe and guaranteed to participate. Your starting place is reserved for you until two weeks before the event. Please don't forget to do the entry for the events in time (see login data of your confirmation mail)! If you are still unconfirmed ("red helmet"), we ask you to check your bank transfer to secure your registration! If you are not able to take your place as a serial starter, please let us know!

If there are vacancies, you have the chance to move up the waiting list.

The series registration is worthwhile already from two events. Independent of the registration in the series is the entry to the events. If you only want to take part in one event, you can - subject to free places - do the entry as a guest starter. Information about the start of the entry will follow.

RIDE ON(E) 2019!




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