Dear participants of E1 in Aschau i.Ch.,

we are looking forward to a great season 2019 with you! But before it really starts, there is a very high hurdle in our way. The weather forecasts for the coming weekend of the season kick-off in Aschau i.Ch. are extremely bad. For the next days it's going to rain all the time and on Saturday/Sunday even snowfall down to the valley and temperatures around freezing. It gets so violent that the organizer has to lift the red trowel with a heavy heart. In plain language: The run for this year's E1 Series in Aschau i. Ch. has to be postponed.

MTB-Sport is sport in the great outdoors and therefore subject to all weather and environmental influences. During the last weeks and days dozens of volunteers have prepared the trails around the Kampenwand, cleared the trees from the paths and ordered tents, a band is ready, shower containers are organized and so on.

This alone shows that the decision was not easy for everyone involved. Mario Mittermayer-Weinhandl, race director in Aschau i.Ch. and by the way also race director at the Hahnenkamm races in Kitzbühel, had an intensive exchange with the weather professionals in Innsbruck. Mittermayer-Weinhandl: "All weather models show that under these conditions we cannot be responsible for sending over 600 mountain bikers into the trails this weekend. The trails will be partly snow-covered, extremely deep and greasy. The visibility for the riders, but also for the rescue services and track marshals, may be only a few meters at high altitudes. Safety for everyone involved is the first priority".

Christian Hens, E1 boss at series promoter BABOONS, adds: "MTB races are always sensitive to nature. With such difficult external conditions and the number of participants, extreme damage on the trails would certainly be to be expected and must be avoided.

Therefore we ask for your understanding that the event cannot take place this weekend. The two organizers in Aschau i.Ch. Georg Blenk and Mario Mittermayer-Weinhandl as well as Enduro One Promoter BABOONS have planned, subject to official approval, the 29th and 30th June 2019 as an alternate date.

For those who would like to start at this new date in Aschau, the already paid entry fees will be transferred one-to-one to the new date. Nothing will change for these riders (except the time). If you can't be in Aschau on 29th/30th June, please send us a short information by mail, because he/she will receive 75% of the paid entry fee back despite the "force majeure". (The rest will be used for the already incurred, considerable effort of the organizer and the organization.)

The starting signal for the E1 Series 2019 will now be given on 1/2 June in Winterberg. The current dates of the E1 Series 2019 here again in the overview:

01.06./02.06 - Winterberg
15.06./16.06 - Roßbach
29.06./30.06 - Aschau i.Ch. (NEW!)
31.08/01.09. - Kirchberg i.T.
28.09/29.09. - Frammersbach
12.10./13.10. - Bad Endbach




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