Tender 2015

1. Basics
The Enduro One events are internationally announced by the OAI e.V. These happenings are international advertised and royalty-free.  Every events consist of different stages. These events reflects the broads from the idea of mountain biking.

2. Events
The dates and places for the Enduro One events are published on the homepage: www.enduro-one.com (changes reserved). The events are going to take place after the conditions of this innovation of tenders. These events are financially, legally and sporting independent.

3. Seriesenrolment
You have two options to take part at an event: as a guest (look down – guest class) or a series-starter. A seriesenrolment has a lot of benefits: you have a guaranteed launch site (timely notification needed) while the guest-drivers only can take part if there are free places. Moreover the series-starter have to pay reduced organisationfees. Generally only the registered drivers will be considered in the series score. More advantages look at  “Award / Prices”.
If the contingent is exhausted, the OAI e.V. reserves the rights to accept no more enrolments (no matter which class). The award of the championship points takes place after a valid enrolment (receipt of payment). 
The dues of a single enrolment in the series:

  • adults 50 €
  • minors 40 €

The benefits of the seriesenrolment:

  •  Seriesrating with the opportunity for price-money in each class (total 4.900 €)
  • A match result (= a racerating or non-participation) fort he series score
  • Guranateed starting place for all races in the series
  • Simplified handling and reporting on the individual races
  • Various performance-related rating classes
  • Reduced entry fee for each race (15.- € cheaper per race)
  • chance on the grassroot-price at the end of the season (presence provided at the series finale; corresponds 750,00 € or a travel with this value)

To enrol yourself is only online possible: www.enduro-one.com. If the Enduro One series (all events) can not start, we guarantee that everybody gets the money from the enrolment back!

4. Registration, Deadline and organizational contribution
It is necessary, regardless of the enroment, that you register yourself for the respective event. These registrations are online on the homepage (www.enduro-one.com). Series starter can sign in exklusive up to four weeks before the event (Friday). Afterwards the guest starter (Saturday) starts to register themselfs. In the last two weeks are only late entries possible. Qualifying date applies the day of receipt of payment (entry fee) in the OAI e.V.. Please take a look at the transfertime! All registered drivers who have signed up and paid the fee can start at the event. On site, if there are free starting places you can get launch promessions. Should be a class full with riders and we can not accept more late entries, so this will be announced on the homepage.
At timely registration organization contribution (entry fee) for each event costs:

  • enroled drivers (adult) 35 €
  • enroled driver (minor) 25 €
  • non-enroled driver (guest driver, adult) 50 €
  • non-enroled driver (guest driver, minor) 40 €

The late entry fee costs 10,00 € (receipt of payment at the OAI e.V. before the event starts). Dues fort he payment carries in each case the participant (start- and enrolment fees)
People can particpate with an age of 16 years or older. Minors under 18 years old need a written permission from both parents for a successful enrolment and registration. A form for this to download is available on the homepage. Before the closing state, you have to send with the post to the OAI e.V..
It is not possible to get a refund when the participant cancels his attendance. The only exception is the startingplace – insurance (have a look at 5.). The registration is not transferable. If a driver gives is documents to a third follows the disqualification or removal from the series.  In addition to this is the third person in case of an accident fully responsible by his/her own.

If the organizer have to cancel a single event, the subscriber are going to get their money back. 5,00 € from the fee will be deduct for the edeting. Any further claims against the organizer can not be enforced.
Note: You can have a look at the starting list on the homepage – www.enduro-one.com. This list counts as a confirmation.  All listed drivers are allowed to start.

5. Launch-site deal
In principle there is no right to get a repayment from the entry fee. Especially when the event is cancel due to force majeure.  Certainly you can insure your contribution for a fee of 5 Euros In order to the insurance you get to 100 % your money back when you are hurt, sick or pregnant. For this we need an official confirmation (medical certificate). Please send it to the OAI e.V. befor the event starts.

6. Classification of Enduro One
Following classes will be advertised:

  • E1 Pro

Series starter with a huge ability and experience

  • E1 Sport

Series starter with the birth years 1981-1999 (main class)

  • E1 Master

Series starter with the birth years 1980 or older

  • E1 Lady

Own class for serie starters (only female persons)

  • E1 E-Bike

Starters with pedelecs (have a look at the technical requirements)

  • E1 Guest

All non-enroled drivers:
The year of birth is rash ebend for the classification. All drivers can start without holding a license (in every class).
It is possible to change the class during the events. For this you have to send a written request to the OAI e.V. and you have to state a reason. Certainly the achieved points from the races will be expire.  These points do not qualify in the new class. If the OAI e.V. gets too few registrations in one class, than they can combine two or more classes. The OAI e.V. can decide about an advancement or a relegation from the drivers. It can only makes this when it is necessary because of athletic reasons or when the competitiveness doesn’t match.

7. Rise mandatory / Descent way
The announcement for the Enduro One series 2016 includes the rise mandatory for all classes of the series 2015 (series starter). It defines which starters have to switch into a stronger class the following year. In addition to this the OAI e.V. can displace the drivers into another class during the season. . It can only makes this when it is necessary because of athletic reasons or when the competitiveness doesn’t match.  With an ascent and  a descent the OAI e.V. guarantees a fair competition.
8. Punktevergabe bei der Enduro One Serie
The scoring for the single starters takes place in classes as follows:

Place Points Place Points Place Points Place Points


30 7. 17 13. 11 19. 5
2. 25 8. 16 14. 10 20. 4
3. 22 9. 15 15. 9 21. 3
4. 20 10. 14 16. 8 22. 2
5. 19 11. 13 17. 7 23. 1
6. 18 12. 12 18. 6 24. + 0

Only registerd drivers get the campionship points. During the awarding of the championship points the guest drivers won’t be considered.
On an event, if there are any reduction or early terminations it can be counted in the series score. For this you have to drive minimum 50 % of the planed stages. The organizer reserve the right to cancel an event if the execution is not possible for example by force majeure (weather etc.).
If an event will be canceld, all drivers have to meet at the eventarea / startarea. At this meetingpoint the clerk notifies if the race maybe restarts and what stages are open.
Only the drivers belong to the scoring who graduated all stages. (except the prologue; see 9)
The worst result of a race will be deleted for the championship-rating (a match result). If you expose one race you can take this “points” as a match result. Results from races where a driver was disqualified, will be not accepted not as a match result.
If a run have to be cancelled or early terminated, it can not be counted as a match result.
In case of a same level of points of two drivers at the series score wins the best single result. If there is still the same level of points the last result of the race decides who gets the better placement.

9. Prologue
On Saturday you can driver a prologue a day before the main race starts. This is at each event the same. The time of the prologue counts to the appreciation. If a driver can not take part at the prologue, ha also can start at the race on the next day. The total times results (if you don’t take part at the prologue) from the drivers race time and the double time of the prologue winners time (only from the prologue). An unauthorized training is prohibited on the prologue stage.

10. Award ceremony / Prices
At the end of an event starts the presentation ceremony of the race. The winner overall the Enduro One Series will be honoured after the last race. You can find the schedules of the award ceremony on our homepage: www.enduro-one.com

Prices for the single event:

  1. Place 2. Place 3. Place 4.-8. Place
E1 Pro 100,00 € 75,00 € 50,00 € Price
E1 Lady 100,00 € 75,00 € 50,00 € Price
Other Classes Cup Cup Cup Price
Fastest prologuedriver Cup      

Prices for the Enduro One series:

  1. Place 2. Place 3. Place
E1 Pro 250,00 € 150,00 € 100,00 €
E1 Lady 250,00 € 150,00 € 100,00 €
Other Classes 150,00 € 100,00 € 50,00 €
Grassroots price 750,00 € *    

* or a trip in the value of min. 750,00 €

All series starters can get the popular grassroots price. To win this price you have to be at the final run of the E1 season – at the start and at the raffling on site.
2015 distribute Enduro One the following in prices from a total of 4.900,00 €
Note: All prices and payments, as well as the trophies, can only be give away to the participants and only at the prize ceremony. A redirection or handover to a deputy can not take place.

11. Startnumbers
The drivers have to use the dealt startnumbers. This number has to be fasten at the handlebars. The shield must stay the same – you can not draw on them or change the shape.

12. Technical provisions and e-bikes
All participants are responsible for the unobjectionable condition of their mountainbikes, all using components and the necessary equipment. If you modify your bicycle it don’t have to be a danger for other persons / drivers You have to drive the entire event with the same mountainbike. The organizer and the OAI e.V. reserve the right to not allow mountainbikes with a technical defect.
There are more provisions for the e-bike-class. For  the Enduro One series you can only use pedelecs with a maximum engine power of 250 watt. The highest allowed speed for the race is 25 km/h (according EU automotive-regulation).
For these vehicles is no need for an approval and an insurance plate. Only the standard batteries for the pedelecs are allowed – strictly prohibited are additional modified versions! The engine power only have to support the driving and should not replace the kicking. The OAI e.V., the organizer and the stuff reserve the rights to check the pedelecs. The violation of one or more regulations leads to immediate disqualification, withdrawal from the series and the deletion of all rating points. A claim for a repayment of the start- or enrolment fees does not exist.

13. Protection
The participants have to wear a suitable helmet with a CE-mark for the entire event. For your own safety the organizer and the OAI e.V. recommend the wearing of a full-face helmet and protectors for the back, the knees and the elbows. The drivers without a helmet will be disqualified.

14. Objections
60 minutes after the publication of the results, the participants have to send a writing objection. It may refer to the day’s result, disqualification, time penalties and rule violations. The protest fee costs 50 €.  Should the protest be upheld, the drivers get their money back (protest fee).

15. Stretch
The routes are marked with a lot of arrows and tapes. The ways will be announced on the first day of the prologue. If you have to leave the race (after an accident or fall), than retract at this point.  If this is not possible because of some security or local reasons, the drivers have to start near to their stopping. It shall not benefit a time advantage for the drivers.
The training of the stages or the prologues is only allowed at the provided time. An unauthorized training of the stretches can be punished with a disqualification.
The subscriber will get a disqualification if they make a violation or other tried advantages. This also can cause to an exclusion from the complete series. The staff from the organizer got the assignment to monitor the rules and if necessary to impose sanctions.  
The drivers have to behave according to the road traffic act (StVO) if they are driving on the transfer stages. On these routes they are normal road users.

16. Start- and endtermination
The start will take place in a fixed order – made from the organizer. The order and the starttermination will be announced before the first drive begins. If one participant is failing his start, he can get a time penalty. The organizer reserves the right to establish fixed start intervals (if necessary). Otherwise the drivers are responsible for the sufficient distance between each other.
The starters have a generous time limit for the total distance (special stages + transfer stages). For the rating the starters have to reach the destination in this time. The participants can get a time penalty if they exceed the allowed transfertime. All time limits.

17. Timekeeping
A transpondersystem regulate the timekeeping. Every rider gets a transponder and has to wear it.  At the start and destination a signal measures the time.
The transponder will be handed out after the payment. The participants have to fix the transponder on the handlebars. At the finish line you have to give back the transponder. After this you get back your payment and the driving results will be created. In case of a loss or damage of the transponder the participants will not be counted in the race and they will not get their pledge back.

18. Dayrating
The total time follows by adding the times of the individual stages. The transfer stages are not included in this time. Only the participants who have completed all stages in the timelimit without help rank among the dayrating.  
Drivers can be taken by the race direction from the vote and race. This is the case when the participants behave unsporting or break the rules. The decision in case of a protest and appeal makes the organizer.
The organizer reserves the right to make short-term changes or to cancel the event because of force majeure (e.g. weather) or safety reasons. In this case the organizer, the OAI e.V. and the promoters are not required to any compensation. 

19. Environmental protection
Each participant of the event has to behave rule compliant. That means not to pollute the environment or the surroundings. Every participant take basicly his / her garbage. You have to observe further provisions of the organizer regarding noises, open fire and more. A failure of the environmental regulations following can cause time penalties or disqualification.

20. Privacy
Participants of the Enduro One events agree that their data will be saved, passed and published. These dates will be used for the implantation of the event, the evaluation and the reporting. You further agree that you are going to be regularly informed about special deals and their data will be passed for this purpose.
Each participant agree the using without any remuneration of pictures and videos oft he event. These materials can be used for media purposes and self-promotion for the Enduro One.

21. Safety instructions
Mountain biking can be dangerous. The events are insured by an organizer liability insurance and an accident insurance. We recommend to all participants to make additional to this an accident insurance. This insurance should covers the special risk of mountain biking. The normal use of a private accident insurance should cover this risk. Every rider have to examine this individually. * ( * Additional 6/15/2015 )
Each driver will be advised to have a medical examination at regular intervals. This must happen to verify the own physical fitness. Each starter is obliged to report to the medical service on site the injuries which happens on the event. It is recommended to take a phone with you. Emergency numbers are posted at registration.
In case of an emergency situation, the participants are encouraged to help each other. For this the organizer can make time corrections, but only when the drivers can prove that they helped another person. The participant will be disqualified with a proven failure to render assistant.

22. Admission
The race organizer subjects the admission for each starter. The participants are obliged to follow the instructions of the organizer and the stuff on place. Authorized person for decisions, regulations and their implementation is only the race director or his representative.

23. Responsibilty and libilty waiver
All participants take part at their own risk. They bear the sole civil and criminal responsibility for the damage of the sports equipment. The drivers renounce on all rights in case of an accident or damage. This waiver happens with the delivery of the registration. The participant can not take legal actions against any bushings, participants – in particular against

  • the organizer, his representative and the assistants
  • the owner of the using land and the institutions, against the operator for the stages, his representative and assistants
  • the OAI e.V.
  • the promoter BABOONS.

With the dispatch of the registration to the OAI e.V. this agreement will be effective to all stakeholders (changes of this tender are excluded). Each driver expressly confirms, that all registered information on the singing up formula are correct.  
Again it is expressly pointed out that mountain biking has high risks particularly in regarding to accidents and injuries. On the transfer stages all participants are normal road users! On these roads every driver has to pay attention to the rules of the StVO.  For all legal questions of the Enduro One series the german law applies.


FAQ 2015

We have collected some questions about Enduro One for you and hope to clarify some ambiguities with it. You still got questions? Of course you can contact us (Kontakt). We would be delighted if we can help you in any situation.

What is the difference between enrolment and registration?
With the registering for the series, you assure all the exclusive advantages for series starters (including reporting law, cheaper entry fees , exclusive series score , fair valuation in your classes). Freelance from this is the sign up. By registration for an event you save your starting place and number. Up to four weeks before the event starts the sign up is opened exclusively for series starter. After this process other guests can register. But they only get start places as long every number is filled up.

Does the enrolling mean that I must participate on all the events?
No, because the enrolment is independent of the application. You only take part at these events you signed up yourself. For registered series starter: here counts the registration law and the cheaper fees. Of course you only pay the dues for the events you signed up. With the removal-result (?) you also have all chances, even when you participate at only four from five events.

How can I register?
You can find the enrolment for the series and registration for each event online (www.enduro-one.com). The enrolment starts on January 6, 2015. Until four weeks the event starts, enrolled series starter can sign in exclusive (until Friday). After this process (from Saturday) the notification is also open for the guests-class. Two weeks before the event starts (Saturday at 23.59 clock) the online registration close down. If possibly there are only late registrations on site possible.

Why do I need the accesses of the enrolment?
After a successful enrolment and payment of the fee, you will receive an E-Mail with your login data. Please preserve good your username and password. Only with this information you can benefit of the exclusives for the series starter. With this you can change your online data and sign up cheaper for the events.

How much does it cost?
The enrolment costs one single time 50 Euros for adults and 40 Euros for minors.
The registration for series starter costs 35 Euros (adults) or 25 Euros (minors).
Guest drivers have to pay 50 Euros (adults) and 40 Euros (minors).
You have to pay the amount after the signing in. If late registrations are available you have to pay the regular sum plus 10 Euros. When you sign up you got the chance to close a launch site deal for 5 Euros. During the enrolment you can order the Enduro One – Shirt for the special price of 19,90 Euro instead of 24,90 Euro (remaining stock on site).

Why do I need a launch site deal?
Basically you do not have a entitlement to a repayment for your entry fee. Especially when the event is cancel due to force majeure. Certainly you can insure your contribution for a fee of 5 Euros. In order to the insurance you get to 100 % your money back when you are hurt, sick or pregnant. For this we need an official confirmation (medical certificate).

Can I change my registration data?
Send an E-Mail with your corrections to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!. Changes are only possible until the respective deadline. A re-registration to another person is absolutely not possible.

Can everybody join?
In order to participate at Enduro One, you have to be at least 16 years old. Minors need the agreement of both guardians. License driver are welcome to the Enduro One events too. These events are usually not registered in a large association. Because of this, everybody who enjoys mountain biking can simple participate.
The unlicensed rating classes are graded for driving experience, age and gender. Because of this valuation a fair competition is guaranteed.

What protective equipment do I need?
During the race you have to wear a suitable helmet with a CE-mark. We commend for your own safety to wear during the rating test a full-face-helmet and protectors for your back, knees and elbows.
Starters without a helmet get disqualified.

As a women – Do I start automatically in the E1 Lady class?
No. You can choose your class like everybody else too. If you do not want to drive with the other girls you can start as an E1 Pro, E1 Master (1980 or older) or E1 Sport. If you want to drive with a pedelec you’ll get scores in the E1 e-bike class. Of course all guest drivers can start in the class E1 guest too.

What are the prizes?
The fastest riders of each class are getting great prizes and high cash rewards. In addtion to this EVERY starter have a chance to win the big grassroot-prize over 750 Euros or a journey over 750 Euro. Over all awards Enduro One give away prizes totaling 4.900,00 €. To the distribution of the prizes.

How does the race take place?
Each route exist of stages and liaison stages. Accounts for the rancing are only the times of the stages. A stage is downhill-sector with natural or fake obstacles. After each stage there will be compounds to next stages. There is a generous limit for the total distance.

Which race mode do you drive?
On some stages you drive on sight (no training allowed). At least on Saturday on one stage a workout is possible. In the end all routes from Sunday (+ prologue from Saturday) will be counted in to the rating.

My friend starts in a different group than I. Can we still drive together?
At the Enduro One there is a string sequence for the start. It goes after classes. Every six minutes a group of 20 riders starts to drive. The drivers may come to the stages by their own – sufficient distance. After the opening you can wait for your friend. But do not forget the (generous) time limit for the total distance.

Do I have to participate in the prologue?
No, not necessarily. If you are unable to take part on Saturday you still can start the next day. In this case the double time of the prologue winner will be added to your total time.

What happens during the start?
The run starts in blocks, directly below the E1 – Gate. The information about the sequence of the blocks and your classification are online and on the notice board. It’s also on your start-number. Please come early enough to the start area to avoid need hustle and bustle. Only the drivers of the corresponding block come in front of the starting line-up (cf. Check-In-Time). Here you pass the access control for your transponder – after this it is activated. Without an activated transponder the time can’t be counted. There will be a trailer for the starting block one. It signals the start time. The other starting blocks receive also a start-signal. After every six minutes drivers can start to run.

How long are the stretches and how many stages are at the location?
The track-length, number of the stages and to be handled altitude diversifies between the locations. For more detailed information of the routes you have to look at the submenu.

How difficult are the trails?
Enduro One is a race for everybody. It means for hobby riders and professionals. Of course not every stage and location is the same. There is a “Chicken Line” for heavy routes. In fact you can choose if you want to drive the „harder“ or „lighter“ way – all stages passable for the starters.

How do I find the route?
The routes are marked with arrows and tapes. The ways will be announced after the prologue on Saturday. If a driver leaves the route (e.g. after a fall or defect) he has to start at this point again. If this is not possible – because of some security / local reasons – he has to start as close as possible from his point. Admittedly the drivers may not get any temporal lobe.

What should I do if I got an accident?
Make the road free for the subsequent driver if you got a breakdown during a stage! Every mountainbiker have to pass the stages to guarantee the timekeeping and the rating. Subscriber can not perform in the vote, if a time of a stage is missing. The participants have to decide in case of an accident if they make a quick repair or push the bikes until the end of the stage. Please pay attention to the other drivers! If you leave the race than you have to retract at this point (see above)!
When you have to get out of the race, pass this data immediately on the information. Don’t forget to give back the transponder.

How do I cound the time?
The time will be measure with an active transponder. You will find the transponder in your starterset. When you get this set, you have to pay 20,00 Euros for the pledge. You will get your money back when you finished the race. The transponder is fixed on the handlebar with a rubber mount. Without this transponder we can not count your time and participation is not possible! Before the start the transponder have to be activated and have to be read after the finish (Saturday AND Sunday). This process takes place at start / finish area.

Is there a catering?
At least there is one aid station on the route. This station offers water, maybe some fruits and an isotonic drink. In addition to this you can buy for low prices something to eat and drink (start area / hot-spot-area). The organizer would be glad about the offer-using.

Can I finish the race earlier than usually?
If you have to finish a race due to health or other reasons, please tell this the next helper on the way! If you feel well, you can go or drive back to the event-area. There you have to check out at the information. If you really don’t feel good call medical help!
Please don’t forget to return your transponder and collect your deposit.

Are there any requirements to the mountain bike / e-bike?
Your mountain bike has to be in a perfect technical condition. Depending on local and external circumstances (weather etc.) you can choose between different models and components – whether hardtail, fully or a different variant. But you have to wear a helmet with CE – mark! For your own safety we recommend more protective equipment (full face helmet, knee pads, back/elbow pads).
Apply to the e-bike rider we got more regulations. You can only use pedelecs with a maximum engine power of 25 watt. The highest allowed speed for the race is 25 km/h (according EU automotive-regulation). For more details look at the announcement.

Where can I stay overnight?
You can find some information about hotels and guesthouse in the submenu (eventlocation).




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